Who's Maggie Moo?

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Hello! My name is Maggie

I'm 31 years old

Before Jiu Jitsu I played rugby for many years, earning Scottish National League Player of the year in 2011. I was a diehard rugby fanatic (and in many ways still am). There wasn't much rugby in Korea, so I thought I would supplement my training with trying Jiu Jitsu. Little did I know I would end up addicted.

I studied English and Theatre in undergrand and completed a masters in Creative Writing in Edinburgh, Scotland.

My passion is traveling and I've always wanted to be a travel blogger.

I love sports and am obsessed with UFC at the moment.

My worst nightmare is sharing a plate of Nachos with Wanderlei Silva.

My favorite position is single x guard.

I despise wrist locks (luckily as a whitebelt the only person who does these to me is my boyfriend, haha).

The places I most look forward to training are Costa Rica, Puetro Rico and Brazil.

My favorites are Mackenzie Dern, Caroline de lazzer, Yara and Nancy Helmy and Beatriz Mesquita