Team Texas: Moses Cabrera

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Name: Moses Cabrera

Rank: Yellow belt

Where You Train: Ohana  Academy in San Antonio TX

How Long Have You Been Training: 5yrs

Favorite Gi: Roll Bliss Custom Team Moses Gi

What's in Your Bag: Gi, and No Gi maybe also snacks

Favorite Submission: Arm Bar

Favorite thing about the TX Jiu Jitsu community? After going to war with each other we can hang out and play Fortnite.

What is one thing you would change about the TX Jiu Jitsu community? Going to Submission only matches instead of points because sometimes kids just hold or stall for a win.

What is your greatest accomplishment? I would say my greatest accomplishment is winning my 3rd Championship Title Belt for Submission Hunter Pro 45 In San Antonio at Cowboys Dance Hall. I was really emotional because my mom passed away on January 11th, 2019 from Cancer, so my family and friends were there to support me. I felt my mom was there. She would always tell me "show up and do your job."💜🦋🙏

What is your biggest struggle? I like pulling guard, so now I want to perfect my top game that will be my hardest struggle to change.

What advice would you give your white belt self? Don't let a win or a loss define you. I'm not the best at this cause I still cry or get upset when I lose, but try to know this will help you improve your Jiu Jitsu game in the future,  my dad he always asks me, "do you wanna be good or do you wanna be great in Jiu Jitsu?"  So my answer is "great!"

Who is your favorite competitor to watch? My favorite competitor to watch is all of my opponents,  like watching my friends and Cole Abate, Sergio Guajardo, Brother Salgado, Mona Bailey, Jr. Ortega, and Zane Mangan. I take private lessons with my big bro Cole Abate he is one of the best Teenagers in Jiu Jitsu ... even when I win he lets me know what I can do better so I can improve my game

What's on your playlist? Classic Rock music

What do you remember about your first day of Jiu Jitsu? I cried but at the end of the day, I told my dad I wanted to come back tomorrow to train.

What do you remember about your first tournament? My 1st tournament was Gracie Grappling Cup in San Antonio TX.

What's your go-to post-competition meal? Twin Peaks kids eat free from 11am till 4pm on Saturdays.

If you're not on the mat, where can we find you? Playing Fortnite in my room or hanging out with my friends.

Have anything exciting coming up? Just won gold in Ibjjf kids in Houston TX,  Fighting for my 4th Championship belt for Submission Hunter Pro soon, Just training with all my friends and teammates around Texas is exciting to me and last, just want to thank my Professor Jason Yerrington from Ohana Academy in San Antonio TX, where I have been  since I was 6☆