You Know You're Obsessed with Jiu Jitsu When...

10:54 AM Moo 3 Comments

1. You get more excited about Gi shopping than shopping for clothes or shoes

2. You name your pets after BJJ Icons, here I have Kimura and Helio

3. You have to be the first to get the underhook while giving a friend a hug

4. Spooning turns into taking or defending the back.

5. You spend more time watching BJJ videos than watching television

6. All of your non- BJJ friends are annoyed with you because they are honestly sick of hearing about your training.

7.When you extend your hand for a handshake you accidentally go thumbless
8. You pay special attention to the fight scenes in films and look for proper execution of moves and throws

9. You find yourself using random Portuguese phrases

10. Your R's are becoming H's "Hespect" and "Honda Housey"

11. You attempt to teach moves to every small child you know

12. You have shrimped out of bed in the morning

13. Every form of agreement in life is signified with "Oss."

14. When you're watching UFC, you're the only person in the room who doesn't yell "stand 'em up" the second the fighters go to the ground.

Are you obsessed? What else would you add?


  1. Haha I have that "shrimpin ain't easy" shirt.

    Are you subscribed to Mariste's facebook group? She's the one who did the "BJJ Cuddle" comic you just posted. SHE IS AWESOME!!!!

  2. Here's the "Shrimpin Ain't Easy" shirt link: