BJJ Women Crush Wednesday: Beatriz Mesquita

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Nickname: Bia 
Team: Gracie Huimata 
Lineage : Mitsuto Maeda-> Carlos Gracie-> Helio Grace-> Royler Gracie-> Vini Aieta -> Leticia Ribeiro
Belt Level: Black Belt
Signature Position: Guard
Weight Division: 64kg-141lbs

Why I love her: Beatriz is pure athleticism and she has the guard I aspire to have, complemented by insane core strength. She's calm, calculated and focused and combines many of the best aspects of my favorite competitors both male and female. She is eagle eyed and keeps her focus on a single objective, her opponent focuses on defending that objective and she opens them up to be finished in a million different ways, all of which she appears to be expert in.

Best Asset: Her scramble game! I have no way of knowing what her guard retention rate is...but I can tell you it is pretty damn good because of her efficiency in the scramble that allows her to seamlessly transition from open guard, defend and end up with the opponent right back in her guard.

Check out "Bia" featured below with the rest of the Gracie Humaita Ladies, discussing women in the sport.