10 Signs You're Struggling With a Jiu Jitsu Snow Day

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As winter weather takes over, some schools are obviously shut down and practitioners everywhere are struggling to cope! Here are 10 signs you may be one of those on the struggle bus.

1. You put on your day off robe and attempt to tie the belt in a BJJ knot.

2. You encourage your animals to participate in BJJ sparring sessions which you dramatically narrate

3. Cuddling with your significant other turns into "Hmm...how easily can I get my hooks in and work back attacks?"

4. You're desperately refreshing your Jiu Jitsu schools social media page in case they've decided to miraculously open.

5. You are deviously planning snow day garage and living room style sessions to anyone from your academy who will join you and you are now massively regretting not ordering those mats that BJJHQ had on sale last week.

6. The smallest argument with your partner turns into an all out BJJ battle A La Mr & Mrs. Smith

7. You had no idea you could actually be so bored without training.

8. You watch BJJ training videos which only makes you more sad and reminds you that you are not training.

9. You imagine the worst and visualize yourself getting destroyed the next time you step on the mat, because even one day off will obviously lead to a diminished skill set.

10. You've started googling housing prices in warmer destinations that will not interfere with your training schedule. Perhaps Hawaii or California, then you'd never miss class, right?

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