You Can't Stop The Wave: Onda BJJ Interview

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Onda is a Kimono company that was founded  by Jessy and Matty Printz in 2012, both purple belts under Tony Passos in Sterling,Virginia. They are husband and wife, self described serial entrepreneurs who both love the beach and draw inspiration from it. Jessy was born in Hawaii and her earliest memories are there, watching her mom surf with the locals on the North Shore.  Together, they have made it their goal to visit as many beautiful beaches as possible and soak in the sun and the sound of the waves. 

What does Onda Mean?

In the most literal translation, Onda is Portuguese for “wave.”  Our motto, “you cannot stop the wave but you can learn to surf,” is an extension of the flow with the go mentality to which many jiu jitsu practitioners subscribe.  The tide goes in and the tide goes out, everything in balance.  Instead of fighting the current, move through it with grace.  Live life in the moment.

What’s the inspiration behind your kimonos?
our inspiration is 100% born on the beach.  We’ve never met an island we didn’t love :) Couple that vibe with our desire to capture comfort, durability, and quality workmanship that can take a beating on the mat,  and you’ve you got yourself an ONDA kimono.

Yours are the most unique Gi’s I have ever owned. What do you think makes Onda Unique or different from other gi manufacturers?
There is truly a story behind every single model that we produce, nothing willy nilly or trendy for the sake of what someone says might sell.  The Kaimu? Named for the black lava beaches in Hawaii where Jessy was born.  Recife?  Beloved Brazilian beach hometown of our professor Tony Passos.  The Guana and Jost Van Dyke models were inspired by our incredible, life changing catamaran sail around the British Virgin Islands last year.  Not just the place but the story and the feeling behind it – it’s almost like writing a song for us to capture those moments in time.  The colors of the Guana were inspired by three kayaks we spotted under a palm while snorkeling on the island of Guana, BVI.  The other models have similar stories and inspirations as well.

Any exciting new products?

 We are going to be offering “long” size models moving forward and, after much demand, KID sized gis starting with the Jeju!   We have a host of new t-shirts, rash guards and hoodies planned and a couple of other unique ideas up our sleeve that we are working on as well. 

Do you have any athletes you sponsor?
Kris Kim (Seoul, SK) and Tony Passos (Sterling, VA)
While we are grateful to sponsor such talented Athletes such as Tony Passos, Kris Kim, and a host of other black belts and competitors, we genuinely enjoy forming relationships with budding, hardworking, dedicated athletes who are working their way up the ranks as well.  To us, there is great joy in working with someone from their foundations and then it just so happens that they’re wearing an ONDA gi when they're standing on an IBJJF medal podium, versus actively seeking out an athlete who is already at the top of their game for the sole purpose of our kimono being on the podium.  

Sarah McMann rocking the Jost Van Dyke

Describe ONDA in three words 
(I’m cheating and need to use phrases!)
-“Jiu jitsu’s a beach”
-“Live life in the moment, on and off the mat”
-“Allow the flow”

Thanks for your time! :)

Onda makes my favorite Gi's.The Bavaro (left) is a clean, classic  550 GRM pearl weave with updated silver and grey accent and embroidary. Honestly, it's simple, comfortable and rolls like a dream!

The Guana (right) is singe handedly my favorite gi I own....and believe me, I have plenty! Inspired by the Guana British Islands, it's a very lightweight, competition friendly and extremely durable gi. On more than one occasion I have caught someone in a compromising position only to have them stop and admire my gi. "Wow, clean lines. This is beautiful" a training partner said before promptly being guillotined. 

These really are fantastic gis, made by a brilliant new company with a sincere love for what they do. You can find them here on facebook or checkout their online store.