Positives to Training With Your Significant Other

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Recently read a post about the Negatives to Training With Your Significant Other and thought I'd take a look at the positives.

1. It's an excuse to spend quality time together, even if it is beating each other up. You don't have to worry about a significant other who thinks you're training too much. I understand his obsession and he loves that I train as well.

2. It makes you closer: sweat in your eyes, in your mouth, in your nose- everywhere. Awww how sweet. But seriously, jiu jitsu has helped to make us a great team when we work together.

3. You have a constant jiu jitsu dummy to test your moves on around the house. Mike can expect to wake up to some glorious shoulder pressure in the morning.This can also fit under the negative, but all in all I see it as a positive.

4. Hugs turn into battles for under hooks and that's just pretty awesome.

5. You have consistent training partner with your best needs in mind. I spend most classes working with someone else, but whenever I work with him I know he's got my back.

6. It builds trust. My boyfriend has put me in a headlock, guillotine, arm bar, triangle chocke, s mount, anything uncomfortable- you name it. When your boyfriend spends a significant amount of time putting you in vulnerable positions, but never injures you, there is a level of comfort and trust that develops.

7. Mutual benefits from our different styles. When he rolls with me he uses very little strength, and I, in turn, am also forced to focus on my technique. I love open guard and Mike is much more diverse in his approach, so he has been invaluable in helping me develop like I have.

8. Supporting and seeing your partner thrive.Watching Mike train has given me an appreciation for how skilled and talented he really is. When I watch him compete, I find myself in awe of him. He is the person I want in my corner and the one person who's advice I always take to heart. He is also my greatest supporter at tournaments and one of the only people who can keep me focused and grounded.

9. Understanding your partners frustrations/injuries. Training gives you perspective on the frustrations that many practitioners face, even if you do not face them yourself. When Mike is tired and has a back injury, I'm less likely to be upset that he doesn't want to make a 50000000 mile journey on a camel with a packet of jerky and a backpack full of stones! Honestly, It makes you more patient and  epsom salt baths with mutual complaining sessions are a plus!

10. Three Words: Jiu Jitsu Vacation! Much easier to convince a significant other who trains, than a friend who doesn't, that you should pack your bags and go train in some tropical place!

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