Jiu Jitsu Manic Meme Monday

2:20 AM Moo 0 Comments

When you show up at a new gym and the other white belts are like "fresh meat"

When I pull off a move during rolls that I just learned in the lesson

When someone asks me what I'm doing on a day when I don't have jiu jitsu

When I tell my friends I'll miss class and go out with them but change my mind at the last minute...

When the professor shows a north/south drill that involves someones butt in my face...

When I'm not planning on staying for the 2nd class then the professor says were doing spider guard 

When someone says "I told ya so" after I don't take their advice during a roll...

When I have to go to a formal event but I'm covered in bruises from Jiu Jitsu

When class starts late so warm ups are skipped!!

When a guy says "ooh a female fighter, could you kick my ass?"