BJJ Collective Review

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What is it? It is a personal online notebook and search engine of techniques to help practitioners expand their BJJ game. The creators invite you to: "search in detail for the exact technique you need, take notes, then add them to your personal to-do list. When you hit the mat, take your smart phone to quickly reference the videos and your notes.If you've got a great technique, upload a video of yourself teaching it and contribute to the evolution of the sport."

What is my favorite feature?
I love the list feature. You have the option to add selected moves and videos to your to do list and make notes on each one. When you have successfully completed it, it can be added to your mastered list.

What could use improvement? If you are a little OCD the Feng Shui of the page might bother you a bit with the large ad section, but it is of so little consequence in comparison to the exceptional nature of the database.

Pros: The website is really easy to use! If you have a question about a guard pass or a special technique it is guaranteed to be on this website. You can select a position and then "top" or "bottom" for various videos demonstrating both escapes and submissions. It's organized beautifully and is really effortless to use and on top of it all, it is totally free!

Cons: The videos aren't available in every language, but honestly this is a minimal problem. If you are there to learn technique, they have still selected great instructors and it's easy enough to catch on without verbal English directions.

Final Thoughts: All in all, I think this a really invaluable website for anyone interested in advancing in Jiu Jitsu. Register an account for full access to notes and lists.This is one of the best resources I have come across on the net. It's simple but thorough and precise and I definitely recommend it for practitioners of all levels! Try it out here. Oss!

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