BJJ Competition: What is Maggie Moo Doing to Prepare?

9:37 PM Moo 2 Comments

What am I doing? Or what should I be doing. Currently I am:
1. Nervously scarfing down PB&J Sandwiches
2. Worrying that I have lost too much weight and will have to massively adjust my game plan.
3. Freaking out about minor details that have very little bearing on the actual competition
4. Thinking of how disappointed all of my imaginary fans would be if I don't do my best.
5. Picturing life without my boyfriend after he decides I am a massive failure for passing out in the first match.

Okay, so in reality these things are not very helpful. How should one prepare for a competition and what works for me.

1. Reggae-Immediately calms me down and gets me focused. It's an instant stress reliever for me that I regularly use before my toughest rugby games.

2. Picture my first moments on the mat and my take down. You can never go to step two if you haven't completed the first. This helps me to get rid of some of the anxiety I feel about the sequence of events.

3. Hydrate the mess out of my body. There is nothing worse than being dehydrated before an event unless it is having to pee the second you're getting ready to compete.

4.Start getting into the right mindset and being kind to myself.

5. Don't think about points! I know this is advantageous for many people, but the second I start thinking about my Jiu Jitsu as a series of  numbers then I am worrying about beating my competitor instead of myself. I firmly believe the only person who can make me lose is me.

6. Remind myself to be proactive instead of purely defensive. Sometimes It's hard to transition from practice mode to competition mode (in any sport) and I just need to remind myself to "always make the first move"

7. Remember why I do Jiu Jitsu. It's fun and challenging and I love that.


  1. That post is from a while back, so this may be moot, but have you tried sub only? I think if I ever compete again, that's what I'll go for: I'm not interested in points. US Grappling would be the one that could tempt me back to competition (I only ever did it once, way back in 2007 when I was a white belt).

  2. Hey! I haven't tried it yet but I am really tempted to give it a go! Whole new level of cardio for me! Hah